MS-600E Anesthesia Machine

MS-600E Anesthesia Machine

Tehcnial Parameters:

*Driven Mode:Pneumatically driven and electronically controlled

*Respiration Mode:IPPV,VCV,PCV,SIMV,Sign,Manual,Standby,Demo

*Tidal Volume:20~1600 ml

*Respiratory Frequency:1~65 bpm

*I:E Ration:4:1~1:4

*Pressure Setting:1~60cm H2O

*Trigger Pressure:-20~20cm H2O

*Inspiration Plateau:0~55%Ti

*Working Mode:Semi~Open,Semi~Closed or Closed System

*Gas Supply Pressure:O2:0.27Mpa~0.55Mpa,N2O:0.27Mpa~0.55Mpa,


*Oxygen Flush:25L/min~75L/min

Special Feature

*Aluminum alloy frame,Durable and elegeant

*Double vaporizer station


*Classical Flowmeter of 5 tubes

*3 big drawers,with lock

*Linear design,could be easily updraded with function:eg adding CO2 monitor,AMIS System,etc

*Advanced proportional valve(SMC Brand) ensures accureate tidal volume output

*Use advanced differential pressure sensor(Honey-well brand) to monitor tidal volume

*Apply for adult and pediatric especially independent pediatric mode for patient of min 5Kgs

Safety Function

*When airway pressure reach 6kPa,APL valve will automatically release gas

*When airway pressure 6 kPa,the bellows will stop seding gas to patient

*Pressure protection Function:When use PCV respiratiory mode,the inspiration pressure could be pre-set.

*Volume protection function:When use VCV respiratory mode,the tidal volume could be pre-set.

Monitoring Parameter:

*Tidal Volume *Respiratory Frequency*Minute Ventilation*FiO2*Respiration Mode

*Airway Pressure(Ppeak,Pplateau) *Lung Compliance

Alarm Parameters(Audible and/OR Visual Signal)

*Airway pressure high/low limit

*FiO2 high/low limit

*Minute Ventilation high/low limit

*Low O2 Supply Pressure(When O2 Supply Pressure is lower than 0.15Mpa,will arouse audible alarm)

*N2O automatic cut off alarm.

10.4”TFT Color Screen

Sharp Brand with high definition and colorful

Anesthesia Vaporizer

*The agent output is continous,stable and precise

*Automatic compensation for temperature,flow and pressure

*Flow Range:0.2~15L/min

*Temperature Range:Operating 15~35oC

*Agent:Halothane,Enflurane,Isoflurane,Sevofluane for Chorice

Circle Absorber:

*Classical CO2 Circle absorber with twins canisters

·With non-return respiratory valve and expiratory valve

·With APL valve,the airway pressure could be adjusted freely

·With “Manual/Ventilation”switch


*Reliable and practical mechanical flowmeter

*5 Tube:2x O2 Tube,2xN2O Tube,1xAir Tube

*O2 Tube:0L/min~1L/min~10L/min

*N2O tube:0L/min~10L/min

*O2 and N2O Linkage Device,Keep oxygen concentration not lower than 25%

Pediatric Bellows

*Include adult size and pediatric size


*O2, N2O Yoke device(Optional)When main gas supply is failed,the backup gas supply can be automatically started

Electrical Specification:


*Battery:12VDC,minimum 120 min(if with)

*Power consumption:≤50W


*CO2 Monitor*AMIS*AGSS*PEEP*Circle absorber heating function