Model MS-2000A CLIA Analyzer

Model MS-2000A CLIA Analyzer
Chemiluminescence Immunoassay (CLIA) Analyzer
Technical Specifications
Measuring system:Single-photon counter(PMT)
Sample board:96-well microplates.
Spectrum range:300-700nm
Measuring time:0.1-100S/well
 Interference between wells:less than 1X100-6
 Substrate noise:0RLU-100RLU/S
 Linear range:1RLU-2.5X106
 Power:less than or equal to 300W
 Data interface:RS232 series or USB Com
 Working environment:0-45℃, Max. relative humidity 85%
 Voltage:220V±10% 50HZ±1HZ
 (Automatic reagent-adding device is optional)

*Long-distance network diagnosis and long-distance data interchange
Equipped with network hardware monitoring diagnosis system especially for export   instrument,it realizes the function of long-distance network operation and undamaged data interchange,which is convenient for after-sales service and backup.

*Stability of mechanical module
There are approximately one thousand units is running worldwide,among which most of them come from China due to its stability can be ensured with rightful and steady inner inflexible components.

*Advanced measurement method makes the unparalleled performance parameter
Super response and broad liner range,you don't need to calibrate time after time-scaling once the usable curve would steady for 2 to 6 weeks.Point 1~3 modify standard curve,point 4~7 Edit new standard curve.

*Professional interference absorbing system
The integral adjacent micro porous light transistor absorbing & anti-inerfere equipment can guarantee the examination of feeble light and broaden the proportional band of the system.

*High efficiency integrated disign
Streamlined disign is beautiful as the exterior and convenient for operation. The precise 3D drive and low loss optical fiber transfer guarantee the perfect performance of the instrument and low noise operation.

*Excellent data processing Qualitative analysis,quantitative analysis and extensive curve fitting method can be performed in the analyzer,results can be printed due to the customer's needs.
*Open working pattern
You can choose the specimen tests amount between 1-96. It means the instrument support batch tests. For conditions like a few patients and emergency call it support random tests.
*Excellent data analysis method
Having many standard fit methods, this can be decided either by the instrument or by the operation stuff. The standard curve data and figure can be displayed and printed at any time.

*Single board multiple item functions
 The system adopting standardized 96 opening board; multiple items on one porous board testing at the same time can improve the effect greatly.

*Kinds of modify can be finished
The system platform uses win2000 or winXP in Chinese or English. The software is simplified to use for the novies. We are widly welcome OEM/ODM Partnet, every change from outside cover to inner software function can be done according to the custormer's needs.