MS-3000 Colour Doppler

MS-3000 Colour Doppler Ultrasound Machine

MS-3000 Colour Doppler Ultrasound is a color Doppler ultrasound diagnosis system with full digital multi-functions and ergonomics.
Real face to clinical ultrasound diagnosis.
Touch-sreen operation of navigation systems,simplifying the complex procedures
Fully match the requirements of the most practical clinical functions.
With solutions of updatable digital system

Scanning Techniques:
Electronic linear scanning/ Convex scanning/ Annular array sector scanning/ Doppler pencil probes
Scan Mode:
2D(B mode), TM(M mode), PW, CW.CFM
Display Mode:
Single frame B/ Dual-frame B/ Quad-frame B,M or B+M,CFM+M,CFM+PW
17inch LCD display,multi-angle full range of movement,the real clinical ultrasound for the diagnosis. .
Back Lightening/10 software controlled function keys/tracking ball for TM,CW/PW line sterring,PW gate positioning,CFM colour window resizing and position,focus point setting,annotation positioning,Measurements and cine mode review/Key board removable for cleaning operation.
Screen Layout:
Patient identification fielf/Technical data field/Measurement field/Menu field/Freeze mode indicator/Cineloop memory indicator/Annotation/Image orientation indicator/Body mark/ECG display/Biopsy Channel/CFM window

Digital Beamformer focus Technology:
This model is based on digital beamformer,with dynamic focus and Changealbe aperature technology.It applys parallel digital signal processing technology and large scale IC processing technology.Those ensure the high quality of space solution and contrast solution,and provide better images from newar gain to far gain.

Digital Signal Process:
Digital beamformer+dynamic focus and changeable aperture techonlogy
Digital parallel signal processing technology+large scales IC processing framework
High quality space resolution+contrast resolution:provide best images from near gain to far gain
With the function of second harmonic image,could improve tissue resolution wholly.

Automatic Frequency Adjustment:
Frequency automatically adjust to the scanning depth.
Frequency automatically adaptas to the scanning depth.
Frequency scope visualized and adjustable.

Digital Applying Platform:
Digital spectrum Doppler technology
Digital high-frame processing technology
Large capacity cine loop
Complete measurement software bag(adbomen,blood

Measure scope:
Used or adults and children’s perivascular,small parts(galactophore,eyeballs,esophagus,muscle,ect)for ardiology,abdomen,GYN,urology,pediatrics,endocrinology,etc.
Image mode
2D,M Mode,Pulse PW/Continuse CW/high PRF,color CFM/Energy image CPD
Display mode

Fetal 3D reconstruction software:
Apply to common abdomen probes.
Easy 3D achievement
Instantaneours multiple plane 3D reconstruction(MPR)
Images can saved as common type of file of computer as JPG,BMP,GIG etc.

Simple and Friendly interface:
Natural,directly and concrete keyboard operating.
Easy operating,high efficiency
Apply to surgery,bed checking and piercing ettc.
Well interference immunity.
It can work togetehr with equipments like stone breaker,knub ultrasound diagnosis etc.

USD Link:
Digital transfer of images and report text files to personal computer trough USD cable without any special software.
DICOM 3.0 compatibility
Complete PACS solution

Easy Print:
Direct output to printer without personal computer or any additional software.
Standard Confirguration:
Main Unit+17inch high resolution line by line LCD monitor
Multi-Frequency Convex(Obdomen) probe

Multi-Frequency Convex(Heart)Probe
Multi-Frequency convex(rectal)Porbe
Multi-Frequency Linear Probe
Video Printer