MS-T200 Fully Automatic Biochemistry Analyzer

MS-T200 Fully Automatic Biochemistry Analyzer:

Model MS-T200 is a random access automatic biochemistry analyzer. It adapts 120pcs cuvette as reaction and test container and has the feature of suitable test speed, not across-pollutions and low consumable, opening reagent.  It is used for testing the biochemical index of patient.

Main Specifications:
1. Test speed: 200 tests/hour
2. Assay types: End-point Assay, Rate Assay ,Fixed-point Assay.
3. Cuvette:  120 reaction bottles; optical length:6mm
4. Sample Tray: 60 non-fixed positions for various samples
5. Reagent Tray: 45 positions for reagent bottles
6. Assay items: 45 items once time
7. Cuvette: 120 reaction bottles; light path length: 6mm
8. Compatible reagent: supports different reagents from different countries
9. Total reaction volume: 180ul minimum
10. Sample volume: 2 to 50 micro liters
11. Reagent volume: R1 25ul-300ul; R2 10ul-150ul
12. Reaction time: about 10 minutes
13. Wavelength: 340, 405,510,546,578,630,660,700nm
14. Quality control: 6 types per test item
15. Calibration methods: Linear and non-linear
16. Wavelength: 340,405,510,546,578,600,660,700.
17. System function: 24 hour non-stop working, Support STAT tests; 2-wavelength photometer
18. Lamp:12v 35w,  8 photodiodes
19. Software: Multinational language, use-friendly interface by Windows

Loading Sample System:
1.The loading apparatus (syringe) is imported from German Micro-syringe which is assured the accuracy of minimum sample.
2.The probe needle connected the high-precision syringe is washed inside and outside by pressure water (warm or normal temperature) or cleaning liquid which are pumped.

Liquid level sense system:
1.The probe has the coat of TFL can reduce across-polluter evidently.
2. The system solve the problem of reaction cups thoroughly by the particular design which got rid of washing system.
3. The urgent sample can be tested preferentially at any time.

Washing Station:
1. 8 washing needles connected with 4 pumps.
2. High pressure water or cleaning liquid.
3. Synchronous and in time with the test.

Cold Storage and Calefaction System:
1.The sample and reagent can be hold longtime stabilization by semiconductor refrigeration.
2.The analyzer can lodge 60 sample cups and 45 reagent bottles.
3.The intelligent temperature system will heat up the reaction solution to the appropriate reaction temperature(37°C±0.1)

Optical System:
1.The system include light filter, optical fiber, 120 reaction bottles and photoelectric receiver which are imported.
2.Reaction time is about 10 minutes.
3.The point of reading can be set freely.

Operation System:
1.The software use the language of Chinese or English.
2.The function include testing calculations, sample blank correction, correlative, panic, dynamic and repeat run      range judgments; reagent absorbance and reaction mixture absorbance check; abnormal value, pending and repeat run lists; report format printing.

Complete Customer Service:
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Dimensions: 96cm*71cm*54cm